(YAHOO/KAKE) – Look before you reach into that toilet paper basket the next time you’re in the bathroom. An Australia family got a whole lot more than toilet paper when the reached inside and encountered a terrifying visitor.

Stu McKenzie, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, was called to a house in Ilkley, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, on Thursday with a family afraid to use their bathroom.

Mr. McKenzie uploaded a video of the slithery guest.

“Oh, there’s a tail,” Mr. McKenzie says as he looks at the family’s dryer.

“Geez… That looks like a decent size. It’s actually in with all the toilet paper. Would you look at that?”

“That’s crazy,” he says.

Mr. McKenzie pulled the basket down and carefully removed the snake.

A woman, living at the home, told him she used the bathroom earlier, but didn’t see the python at the time.

“Then I walked out. My daughter walked in and she just comes screaming out real fast,” she says.

Mr. McKenzie later released the snake and estimated it was up to about 7 feet long.

On Facebook, viewers were shocked and amused by the snake’s appearance.

“Even our snakes are hoarding toilet paper,” one woman penned.

Others couldn’t believe the size of the python.   

“That’s one big snake. Beautiful,” one man wrote.

Another woman, echoing the thoughts of many, simply wrote: “Nope.”

“Fancy seeing this when going to the loo,” another woman wrote.

“I would sell the house ASAP,” someone joked, while someone else suggested it was time to burn the house down.

Several people on the post were horrified, however, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers assured people having snakes in your roof isn’t so bad.

“Snakes are great to have in your roof as they eat all the rodents,” the post said.

“Who doesn’t love free pest control!!”