May 18, 2021

Terrades Delmoli

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Shenandoah City Council discusses priorities of 2022 capital improvement plan

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Shenandoah City Council met to discuss the upcoming capital improvement plan April 14. (Hannah Zedaker/Community Impact Newspaper)

Shenandoah City Council discussed what items will be the top priority for its capital improvements plan for 2022 during an April 14 meeting.

Among the top priority items are the David Memorial Drive extension to connect the road to Hwy. 242, deepening retention ponds at Vision Park and improvements to the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

During the presentation, Shenandoah Public Works Director Joseph Peart said the detention pond project will provide two benefits between increased storage saving the city around $600,000 in soil for the David Memorial Drive project.

“There will be a lot of soil needed for that project,” Peart said. “Instead of buying a bunch of new dirt, you could take it from Vision Park.”

Information from the council agenda indicates rough price estimates for the projects are around $1.5 million for the David Memorial extension, $2.6 million for the wastewater treatment plant project and $1.7 million for the detention pond.

No action was taken on the capital improvement plan, as it was a discussion-only item. Additional discussions will be held during the council’s April 28 and May 12 meetings. Both the council and the Shenandoah Municipal Development District will hold a joint meeting on the topic May 26.